Who I am and why you are here

Just in case you wound up here and you don't already know...

My name is Yuriy Kozlov and I am a student at Brandeis University majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. My academic and career interests center mostly around computers and software development. I am a Free Open Source Software (FOSS) and particularly Kubuntu Linux user, advocate, and occasional contributor.

On my website you will find various projects I've worked on. This includes software projects I've worked on in and outside of class, web design, 3D animation, and some of my photography. There are also some links to causes I support.

Links: What I want you to know


What is DRM? | Play OGG | Kubuntu

Current projects

  • DrinkTale - I am working on a new social networking site that acts as a directory for nightlife.
  • Kubuntu - Other links to work I do and have done for Kubuntu.
  • Raytracer - 3D Renderer for my Computer Graphics (cs155b) class. Features include diffuse and specular lighting, reflection and refraction, and depth of field. Written using C++ and Qt. For my Distributed Systems (cs147a) class I worked on extending the renderer to run distributed on a cluster using the Hadoop Map/Reduce framework.
  • Brandeis Ballroom Dance Website - I maintain the website for the Brandeis Ballroom Dance Team.
  • 3D Artwork - Several Blender models and animations, mostly from my Computer Animation (cs65a) class, and some I did in my free time. Also some Cinema4D models.
  • Photography - I occasionally like to try to take pictures, generally with the goal of capturing some surreal view in a photograph.
  • Brandeis Computer Science Guru

Older projects